Hey when you wake up answer me this if you had a girlfriend who sent you a whole mess of quotes to show you how much she loved you would you read them all?

Like would that be annoyingly stupid to you?

Would it make you tear up?

Like to you would that be cute that she spent hours reading and picking specific quotes that made her brain go wild because of how accurate it was describing her feelings?

What If some of the quotes where her own poems?

I should be sleeping huh, babe?

No forget that question what if a girl that couldn’t get you off her mind sent you a whole mess of quotes to tell you that you mean a ton to her would you read every last one?

What if she’s scared,
That you don’t feel the same?

What if,
She’s scared
That you’ll just leave her more
Broken then the rest have?

Wait better question…

Do you like quotes?

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I’m in bed

thinking up poems


how I hate love.

Bitter sour love,
and how
it never lasts,


It fucks me over
and over
and over
again and again.

contradicting every word I’ve written

here I am laying in bed

and all i can do is lay here reading quote after quote
trying to find the perfect one
to write to you
leave you
to wake up to
show you


I could be



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hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*

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I look at couples fighting and laugh because it’s such a stupid waste of time.

Looking back on all my past relationships I realize the fighting, worrying, stressing, bitching, and crying was worthless that instead I could have been indulging on the perks of a relationship, especially the little tiny ones you don’t notice till they’re gone.

The ones that ended up meaning the most.

You know,

nothing feels worse than looking back at what you took for granted.

I miss the small things…

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